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[28 Mar 2005|04:26pm]



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[11 Mar 2005|03:45pm]
i havent done these in a whileCollapse )
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im so bored [05 Feb 2005|10:59am]



swarovski crystal dior neckace...and the random necklace that chris found on the side of the road and gave last time I saw him(in like october) minus the cross it had on it because I left that in a hotel

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[24 Jan 2005|08:31pm]
funnyCollapse )
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[29 Nov 2004|02:54pm]

Don't Whore Communities Here Anymore
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[21 Aug 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Life -
I am of both your directions
Somehow remaining,
Hanging downward the most,
Strong as a cobweb in the wind,
Existing more with the cold frost
than those beaded rays
I've seen in paintings.

Thats a poem by Marilyn Monroe (yeah she wrote poery, she wasnt a dumb blonde you know)

I love that poem. I can understand it, yet I almost can't, but I feel where shes coming from. I'm feeling her sorrow and her hurt, and I feel all my own pain. Sometimes I feel like if I had known her I could have helped her, and she could have helped me. I'm very into the paranormal so next year I'm going to try to have a seance at the Roosevelt Inn where she supposidly haunts.
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[20 Aug 2004|08:32pm]
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so fucking tired [02 Aug 2004|12:04pm]
i just got back from hannah's house and im so fucking tired. We got no sleep except for like 2 or 3 hours this morning. i feel shitty.
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[31 Jul 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | happy (for now) ]

The sky is cloudy, im listening to the doors, and im wearing my favorite Dior necklace what else could be better?? My allergies were so fucking bad today I thought I was gunna faint lol ow my head fucking hurts....Yay Hannah's party is tomorrow :) shit i really really hope Rob isn't there I really like never wanna see him again ack. I don't know why I still wear lip stick and glosses when I've known for like ever one of the main ingredients is fish scales, i mean i wont even touch a fish, even if its cooked...its just funny what people will do to look good (and im obviosly no exception) Well anyways I'm out.

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ok maybe I will.lol.;)
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[23 May 2004|06:52pm]
bombshell = marilyn
you are marilyn monroe! how does it feel to be a
perfect hourglass shape, with acting talent
that is overlooked because you chose mostly the
less-than-acclaimed scripts? saying "i
will get the 'good' scripts later in my
career" is sad, because you are bound to
die in your 30s of drug overdose, and spend
your whole short life getting abortions,
wolf-whistles and a nose job. during the dark,
premature ages of "cosmetic surgery."
perfection is a girl's best friend.

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yay...i mean again????
Oh well I wouldn't mind dying in my 30's it's better than getting old.

Marilyn Monroe
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hmmm maybe I was her in my past life of something lol
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yep [16 May 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well hot guy from a long time ago SENT ME A MESSAGE saying i sounded really cool and that I'm gorgeous yaaaay!!! And the weird dude has started sending me messages again *shivers* But anyways today was boring I was working on my report on and off all day and talkin on the phone and watchin Grease. Alyson would be Rizo, I would be Marty, Vette would be Frenchie, and Alysons boyfriend would be Sandy..Awww poor little prude guy. anyways i got a new survey from Alyson so yeah

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[15 May 2004|06:13pm]
lmao Alyson with the body shots and you gave one too Matt haha, well so did I but hes not my brother so its okay. And tell him to give back my panties because i like those they were my favorite pair. Well anyways im bored i got back from mj's party like 2 hours ago and that was fun except i hate becka, jodi, and chelsea but god was there and i licked her. Anyways im out and oh yeah matt if you read this KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS!!! oh yeah and i think the new kid is gay cause he was hiding his eyes when we were flashing people yesterday.
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stupid survey [01 May 2004|07:40pm]
1)Name- Emily
2)Nicknames- Emmi, sir, little man (pulp fiction lol), squishy
3)Birthday- June 9th
4)Age- 3780
5)Hometowm- here
6)Town you were born in- Harris, NY
7)What do you look like- blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5, and a lot of guys say i have nice tits
8)Are you hansome/beautiful- umm i dont think so but people say im "sexy" but w/e
9)Why or why not- because
10)Family members- sister, brother, mom, ted
11)Fave relative-
12)Least fave relative- my cousins
13)Is the #13 unlucky/lucky- no 12 and 6 are my lucky #'s
14)What time did you goto bed last nite- whenever im tired
15)What did you do yesterday- went to school, battle of the bands, went to aili's,went streaking, watched natural born killers, snuck out at like 2 am to try to streak again
16)What did/you doing today- um watched the crow, went for a walk and flashed the mail lady (we thought she was a dude) called tyler, ate, and just hung out
17)Fave place to eat- umm i dunno
18)Fave food- whipped cream
19)Fave drink- the all mighty grape
20)Fave numbers- 6 & 12
21)Do you drink- sometimes
22)Do you drive- no
23)If so,what kind of car- i said no fuckers
24)Did you dye/highlight/lighten your hair or anything- no, i lightened it once tho
25)What are you wearing in your school pic- a rainbow bright shirt
26)Worst thing you ever did- i dont wanna say its too embarassing and theres like 5 of them
27)Best thing you ever did- nothing
28)Fave radio station- i hate radio
29)Fave TV show- Twilight Zone
30)Fave room in your house- My room
31)Fave season- i dunno summer
32)Whats on your mousepad- its blue with a gel wrist thingy
33)Do you have a scanner- no
34)What kind of computer do you have- Dell
35)Do you have a mic- somewhere i think but its not hooked up
36)Do you have ICQ- no
37)If so,whats your ICQ#- no
38)Are you wearing nailpolish right now- yeah
39)If so,what color- maroonish red
40)Ever stolen something- yes hehehhehehehe
41)Do you like this survey so far- suuure
42)Ok,lets play a game i say a word and u say what u think of- okkk
43)chocolate- yumm
44)spice- tell me what u want waht u really really want
45)taco- food
46)pretty- in pink
47)hot- Axl Rose
48)cold- winter
49)lemon- yellow
50)coolatta- pina coolatta condoms
51)pink- floyd
52)email- messages
53)hacker- neopets
54)ocean- hot surfers :)
55)sun- beach
56)Ok, lets play another game, I say a name and you say who u think of
57)Bob- my uncle
58)Rose- The titanic lady
59)Justin- Britney
60)Delilah- i dont know
61)Ricky- Ricky Martain
62)Jenna- Jenna Jamerson
63)Joe- Josie
64)Jamie- umm
65)Ron- Harry Potter
66)Tabitha- This chick i knew when i was like 7
67)Mark- Greg
68)Britney- Justin
69)Anthony- that weird tony kid at my school
70)Christina- Britney
71)Brian- omg Brian the hot surfer
72)Maria- Alyson
73)John- Mark
74)Katie- AAAA that preppy chick
75)Tiffany- My friend Tiffany from like 3rd grade
76)Shawn- ummm
77)Megan- AAAAAaaa no
78)Tommy- Tommy Thayer (lmao)
79)Bobby- The lady on GH
80)Tim- the overly smart kid in my spanish class
~~~~~~~LasT Time You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
81)Spoke- 5 minuted ago
82)Showered- yesterday
83)Ate- like half hour ago
84)Cried- i dunno
85)Kissed- 2 weeks ago (thats horrible isnt it)
86)Laughed- like all day today
87)Wrote- earlier today
88)Typed- hmmm i dunno (im joking)
89)Studied- like 6th grade
90)Drank- i am now
91)Fought- like i dunno
92)Ran- last night (STREAKING!!)
93)Walked- like 15 minutes ago
94)Hiked- uhhh
95)Coughed- yesterday
96)Rode a bike- like last year
97)Rollerskated/bladed- last year but i hate pansy bladers anyways
98)Iceskated- when i was 8
99)Bought something- last week
100)Were sick- i dunno
101)Tell Me Which You Would Rather in the next questions ok- sure
102)Forwards or Chain Letters- forwards
103)White or Black- black
104)Strawberry or Lemon- strawberry
105)Chicken or Turkey- neither
106)Red or pink- red
107)Soda or Pop- soda
108)Blonds or Brunettes- blonds
109)Make-up or No Make-up- make-up
110)Straight or curly- straight
111)Summer or winter- summer
112)Spring or fall- spring
113)Christmas or Easter- christmas
114)Valentines Day or St Patrick's Day- valentines day
115)Pretty or beautiful- beautiful
116)Hot or Sexy- sexy
117)Tall or Short- tall
118)Long or quick- long
119)Chocolate or vanilla- chocolate
120)Private or Public School- public
121)Religious or Spiritual- spiritual
122)Half Empty or Half-Full- half-full
123)TV or Radio- TV
124)Walk or Run- walk
125)Drive or Walk- drive
126)Crowded or Empty- empty
127)Lefty or Righty- righty
128)What was your most embarassing moment- sorry cant tell
129)Best friends- umm i dunno
130)What did you do on New Years- i watched the twilight zone
131)Do you have mIRC-
132)Fave car- Alysons newww beemer
133)Fave shampoo- just some herbal essences or however its spelled
135)Fave colours- black, pink, red blue
136)Who sent this to you- stupid crack head Bri
137)Any last words- It cant rain all the time
138)How long did this take you to fill out- i dunno like 15 minutes
139)Are you glad you're almost done- yes fuck you
140)Who is going to send this back- im not even sending it out its stupid
141)Whos not going to send back- i dunno
142)Fave place to shop- hot topic, agent provoceture(sp)(for my undies), Victoria secret (for undies also), rue 21, urban outfitters
143)Do you have an Mp3 player- yeah
144)What mp3's do you have, if so- none i dont know how to use it and i broke it anyways i think
145-You're done!!! Good Job!!
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