Chanel (rocknrolldevil) wrote,

stupid survey

1)Name- Emily
2)Nicknames- Emmi, sir, little man (pulp fiction lol), squishy
3)Birthday- June 9th
4)Age- 3780
5)Hometowm- here
6)Town you were born in- Harris, NY
7)What do you look like- blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5, and a lot of guys say i have nice tits
8)Are you hansome/beautiful- umm i dont think so but people say im "sexy" but w/e
9)Why or why not- because
10)Family members- sister, brother, mom, ted
11)Fave relative-
12)Least fave relative- my cousins
13)Is the #13 unlucky/lucky- no 12 and 6 are my lucky #'s
14)What time did you goto bed last nite- whenever im tired
15)What did you do yesterday- went to school, battle of the bands, went to aili's,went streaking, watched natural born killers, snuck out at like 2 am to try to streak again
16)What did/you doing today- um watched the crow, went for a walk and flashed the mail lady (we thought she was a dude) called tyler, ate, and just hung out
17)Fave place to eat- umm i dunno
18)Fave food- whipped cream
19)Fave drink- the all mighty grape
20)Fave numbers- 6 & 12
21)Do you drink- sometimes
22)Do you drive- no
23)If so,what kind of car- i said no fuckers
24)Did you dye/highlight/lighten your hair or anything- no, i lightened it once tho
25)What are you wearing in your school pic- a rainbow bright shirt
26)Worst thing you ever did- i dont wanna say its too embarassing and theres like 5 of them
27)Best thing you ever did- nothing
28)Fave radio station- i hate radio
29)Fave TV show- Twilight Zone
30)Fave room in your house- My room
31)Fave season- i dunno summer
32)Whats on your mousepad- its blue with a gel wrist thingy
33)Do you have a scanner- no
34)What kind of computer do you have- Dell
35)Do you have a mic- somewhere i think but its not hooked up
36)Do you have ICQ- no
37)If so,whats your ICQ#- no
38)Are you wearing nailpolish right now- yeah
39)If so,what color- maroonish red
40)Ever stolen something- yes hehehhehehehe
41)Do you like this survey so far- suuure
42)Ok,lets play a game i say a word and u say what u think of- okkk
43)chocolate- yumm
44)spice- tell me what u want waht u really really want
45)taco- food
46)pretty- in pink
47)hot- Axl Rose
48)cold- winter
49)lemon- yellow
50)coolatta- pina coolatta condoms
51)pink- floyd
52)email- messages
53)hacker- neopets
54)ocean- hot surfers :)
55)sun- beach
56)Ok, lets play another game, I say a name and you say who u think of
57)Bob- my uncle
58)Rose- The titanic lady
59)Justin- Britney
60)Delilah- i dont know
61)Ricky- Ricky Martain
62)Jenna- Jenna Jamerson
63)Joe- Josie
64)Jamie- umm
65)Ron- Harry Potter
66)Tabitha- This chick i knew when i was like 7
67)Mark- Greg
68)Britney- Justin
69)Anthony- that weird tony kid at my school
70)Christina- Britney
71)Brian- omg Brian the hot surfer
72)Maria- Alyson
73)John- Mark
74)Katie- AAAA that preppy chick
75)Tiffany- My friend Tiffany from like 3rd grade
76)Shawn- ummm
77)Megan- AAAAAaaa no
78)Tommy- Tommy Thayer (lmao)
79)Bobby- The lady on GH
80)Tim- the overly smart kid in my spanish class
~~~~~~~LasT Time You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
81)Spoke- 5 minuted ago
82)Showered- yesterday
83)Ate- like half hour ago
84)Cried- i dunno
85)Kissed- 2 weeks ago (thats horrible isnt it)
86)Laughed- like all day today
87)Wrote- earlier today
88)Typed- hmmm i dunno (im joking)
89)Studied- like 6th grade
90)Drank- i am now
91)Fought- like i dunno
92)Ran- last night (STREAKING!!)
93)Walked- like 15 minutes ago
94)Hiked- uhhh
95)Coughed- yesterday
96)Rode a bike- like last year
97)Rollerskated/bladed- last year but i hate pansy bladers anyways
98)Iceskated- when i was 8
99)Bought something- last week
100)Were sick- i dunno
101)Tell Me Which You Would Rather in the next questions ok- sure
102)Forwards or Chain Letters- forwards
103)White or Black- black
104)Strawberry or Lemon- strawberry
105)Chicken or Turkey- neither
106)Red or pink- red
107)Soda or Pop- soda
108)Blonds or Brunettes- blonds
109)Make-up or No Make-up- make-up
110)Straight or curly- straight
111)Summer or winter- summer
112)Spring or fall- spring
113)Christmas or Easter- christmas
114)Valentines Day or St Patrick's Day- valentines day
115)Pretty or beautiful- beautiful
116)Hot or Sexy- sexy
117)Tall or Short- tall
118)Long or quick- long
119)Chocolate or vanilla- chocolate
120)Private or Public School- public
121)Religious or Spiritual- spiritual
122)Half Empty or Half-Full- half-full
123)TV or Radio- TV
124)Walk or Run- walk
125)Drive or Walk- drive
126)Crowded or Empty- empty
127)Lefty or Righty- righty
128)What was your most embarassing moment- sorry cant tell
129)Best friends- umm i dunno
130)What did you do on New Years- i watched the twilight zone
131)Do you have mIRC-
132)Fave car- Alysons newww beemer
133)Fave shampoo- just some herbal essences or however its spelled
135)Fave colours- black, pink, red blue
136)Who sent this to you- stupid crack head Bri
137)Any last words- It cant rain all the time
138)How long did this take you to fill out- i dunno like 15 minutes
139)Are you glad you're almost done- yes fuck you
140)Who is going to send this back- im not even sending it out its stupid
141)Whos not going to send back- i dunno
142)Fave place to shop- hot topic, agent provoceture(sp)(for my undies), Victoria secret (for undies also), rue 21, urban outfitters
143)Do you have an Mp3 player- yeah
144)What mp3's do you have, if so- none i dont know how to use it and i broke it anyways i think
145-You're done!!! Good Job!!
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